Operational leasing is a type of leasing product, where you are not to redeem a vehicle after the expiration of the contract. You just use a car and do not think about what to do with it when the need for it will disappear. In fact, it is a very long-term rent.


Terms of operational leasing in acquiring a car from AVIS Belarus:

 Leasing is provided to legal entities for the period of 12 to 60 months.

 The car during the leasing period is on the lessor’s balance.

 Downpayment: from 0% to 30% of the cost of leasing object, taking into account the wishes and the financial condition of the lessee.

 The free depreciation of the vehicle is distributed on the leasing car, which could amount during the leasing period of up to 75%.

 At the end of the lease period the car can go to the ownership of your company or remain by the Lessor.

 The scheme of lease payments: monthly, taking into account the wishes of the lessee.

 Additional mortgage: not required.

 Time for consideration of a full package of documents and making a decision: 1 day, financing: up to 10 days.

Avis Prestige


The advantages of operational leasing:

Ability to select any car from any manufacturer.

You do not need additional security for vehicles.

A fixed payment schedule allows you to sound financial planning.

There are no hidden extra costs.

Payments in handy currency for you.

Precise planning fleet maintenance costs.

24-hour emergency service.

Substantial tax optimization.

Provide a full range of services for the fleet (Casco and obligatory insurance, tire mounting, winter tires and storage, regular technical maintenance, registration of motor vehicles in the traffic police authorities, parking, etc.).

Providing your employees with more time to engage in core activity, due to time savings for the car service.

No issues with the implementation and further use of cars, after the period of their use.

You always manage only a new and technically good car.


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