Financial leasing is a use of a vehicle with the right to redeem with a price of its residual value. This service is close to rent, after which you take the car for yourself.


Terms of financial leasing in acquiring a car from AVIS Belarus:

 Leasing is provided to legal entities for the period of 12 to 60 months.

 The car during the leasing period is on the lessor’s balance.

 Downpayment: from 0% to 30% of the cost of leasing object, taking into account the wishes and the financial condition of the lessee;

 The free depreciation of the vehicle is distributed on the leasing car, which could amount during the leasing period from 75% to 99%.

 At the end of the leasing period the car can be purchased as a legal entity or a private.

 The scheme of lease payments: monthly, taking into account the wishes of the lessee.

 Additional mortgage: not required.

 Time for consideration of a full package of documents and making a decision: 1 day, financing: up to 10 days.

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The advantages of financial leasing:


 Immediacy of making a decision.

 Allotment of residual buying price for reducing of the monthly payments.

 Time and efforts economy on searching and keeping the car, choosing optimal and profitable conditions of insurance, service the loan.

 Leasing company searches, reserves, controls the quality and delivery terms of the car, mounts additional equipment.

 Leasing transaction prevents the proper means of inflation.

 Flexible payment system. Lease payment schedule can vary according to your wishes.

 Stable financial planning through a fixed lease payment schedule.

 You do not need additional security for vehicles.

 There are no hidden extra costs.

 Ability to replenish working capital at the expense of borrowed resources.


Taxation advantages:

 Lease payment in full is the cost of production enterprises.

 «Free depreciation» allows you to quickly technically re-equip your fleet and upgrade the basic foundations of the enterprise.

 Substantial minimization and tax optimization.

 An asset is on the lessor’s balance sheet which greatly simplifies the accounting of the lessee.

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