We offer leasing services for both individuals and legal entities. And work with local and international businesses which have offices in Belarus.

We offer 2 types of leasing:

1. Financial leasing if you want to redeem the vehicle after the usage

2. Operational leasing if you are to return the car



Each of these types of leasing might be ordered with or without VAT, which is exclusive offer from AVIS in Belarus. Leasing without VAT you can get in three ways:

1. If you are the representative of international company that do not conduct business activities in Belarus

2. If you are a legal entity working on a simplified scheme of taxation without VAT

3. If you are and individual entrepreneur working without VAT

Finally, regardless the type of leasing you can order it with or without car service. The complete service includes the following:

1. Planned tire works and tire storage

2. Administration of insurance claims

3. The replacement vehicle

4. Tech. maintenance and repairs